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Dreams really can come true at your library

Wake up the sleeping support for your library. Don't wait until someone suggest closing a branch before you tap into that support. Fundraising is easy with DearReader's Library WishList.
Library WishList Logo “The response has been staggering. BPL supporters have been donating ever since we unveiled the WishList, from $10 to as much as $1000. We have fulfilled more than 3/4 of our wishes in a few short weeks.”
Hunter Murphy, Development Assistant, Birmingham Public Library

A Fundraising System

The Library WishList program lets you, or your Friends Group easily create an online catalog of fundraising and volunteer opportunities. Your patrons can browse the listings, make contributions, pay for an honorarium, signup and donate to your Friends Group or signup to volunteer.
Browse recently completed wishes

Making it easy for people to support your library

Whatever you need for your library, post it on your WishList. If you need a hearing loop system for your meeting room, enter a description and explain why it’s needed. Include a photograph, and the estimated cost. Immediately your patrons can start making contributions at your website, or on Facebook. They can also see how many people have contributed, the total amount, and what is needed to complete the wish.

Integrated Online Payment

Patrons can make contributions online using their credit card, debit card or PayPal account. It’s easy to get a payment account, and we’ll help you get started.
Valerie Farman

Expert Advice:

"I'm at your service. It's a good feeling to know I'm helping libraries achieve their goals" — Valerie Farman, WishList Consultant


Example of an Honorarium
Patrons who pay for an entire wish can turn the wish into an "in memory" honorarium, or "in honor" of a special person in their lives.

Expand your collection

Do you need new books for your collection or used books for your book sale? Enter an ISBN number into the WishList Program and instantly a listing will appear on your website and on Facebook.

Community Pride

Thank you from your community.
Your library is the cornerstone of your community and people are willing and happy to give, especially when they can see where their money is going. Every time they visit their library and see the new chairs, or the aquarium that they made a donation to help purchase, they’ll feel proud that they made a difference in their community.

Get Started

Don’t wait until the “Budget Beast” comes knocking at your door. Let’s discuss your fundraising and volunteer efforts, and see how we can work together to reach your goals.
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